Competition Rules and Structure

Participants must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible to take part in the international qualifying rounds for the final of the V75 World Cup 2019:

  • Be at least 18 years old or older (if the winner is found to be under 18 his/her place in the final will be awarded to the next highest-rated competitor on the leaderboard who meets the age requirement.)
  • Only one participant per email address.
  • Register at with the following details:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Password
    • Country
    • E-mail address
    • Mobile number

Approval of the terms and conditions

  • The qualifying rounds will take place at six V75 meetings. The worst round will be disregarded.
  • You may submit one V75 system per V75 meeting.
  • The V75 system should consist of 192 combinations.
  • The system must be sent in before V75-1 posts, normally before 16.20 (CET). Variations may occur. The participants will be responsible for submitting the system on time.
  • Race cards are available at
  • The participating systems are marked according to ATG’s Betting regulations for V75.
  • Registered participants are placed on the leaderboard, based on the results of submitted V75 systems. The following structure is used for differentiating between participants (most important first):
    • Number of corrects
    • Number of rounds with 7 corrects
    • Number of bankers
    • Highest odds on a banker
  • The site is updated on Monday by 12.00 (CET) at the latest, after the current round has been completed.
  • The competitor at the top of the leaderboard by the end of the qualifying rounds (after round 2019-11-02) receives an invitation to go to Stockholm and Solvalla in order to participate in the preliminary finals 2019-11-16. If this person is unable to attend, the final will be held without international representation.


All participants must register on this site in order to be able to compete in the V75 World Cup.

Contenders may register until round two’s betting deadline on Saturday, October 5th 16.20. However, it is of course best to sign up as soon as possible so that you may participate in all six rounds.

The World Cup competition will have two sites, one for Swedish bettors and one for ATG’s international customers. This is due to the fact that Swedish bettors must have an ATG account to be able to participate in the competition. This means that the international site is only open for international bettors that are not allowed to open an ATG account, since they are not residents in Sweden.

The international bettors may submit their proposed systems on All systems must be submitted before the betting deadline. The international bettor with top position on the international site’s Leader Board after round six on November 2nd will be offered a place in the finals.

Qualifying rounds

  • September 28th, Solvalla
  • October 5th, Skellefteå
  • October 12th, Åby
  • October 19th, Romme
  • October 26th, Jägersro
  • November 2nd, Solvalla


There are a total of 16 finalists in the competition; one of these spots is reserved for an international ATG bettor. The highest ranked bettor on the international campaign site’s Leader Board “Top 75” upon conclusion of round 6 is invited to the semi-final and final rounds. The semi-final and final rounds consist of a knowledge-based competition in Stockholm/Solvalla and take place on Saturday November 16th 2019. The final round will be held with a reduced number of participants if there are finalists who are not able to attend. An absent finalist may not assert the right to claim potential winnings.


  • Besides the honour and prestige of winning the title of V75 World Champion, the winner of the V75 World Cup will be awarded a cash prize of SEK 250 000
  • The second prize winner will be awarded a cash prize of SEK 75 000
  • The third prize winner will be awarded a cash prize of SEK 50 000.

Please observe that there may be profits tax from Sweden. (Special income tax for non-residents).

How to bet
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